Last Name: Pilacios
Age: 25
Hometown: Houston
Current Residence: North Austin
Occupation: Student at ACC
Likes: cartoons, elves, exhibitionism
Dislikes: primetime television, sports, jerks

Anna lives by herself and is currently earning college credits for basic things, hoping to get into the University of Texas and maybe pursue a psychology degree or something. When she is not at class, she usually stays home, surfs the internet, updates her blog, and masturbates a lot.

It's worth noting that she has a habit of completely crushing on every slightly sexy person she meets and has had about eighty-thousand fantasies in her lifetime. She is a really weird pervert.

She has had only a few real relationships with dudes, and none of them have ended very well. She's never dated (or fucked) a girl, and while the thought seems a little weird to her, she's not opposed to the idea.
Last Name: Some more triangle-shaped things
Age: ???
Hometown: who knows
Current Residence: It seems to be Anna's place now
Occupation: Looks like she is out of work at the moment
Likes: Anna, apparently? Also dicks
Dislikes: burgers

She is a succubus... Even though Anna lives in a fairly realistic universe where they're supposed to be as fictional as they are to you, the reader. So where the heck did she come from? As opposed to typical succubus lore, she seems to simply fuck dudes for sustenance, and doing so will knock them out for a bit without causing any lasting harm.

She somehow caused the breakup between Anna and her last boyfriend, and subsequently developed a deep and sudden fondness for Anna, following her wherever she goes. She's incredibly naive, and doesn't seem to speak or understand any human languages, so she's made things a bit difficult for Anna. Nonetheless, her charming nature (and her expertise at getting her friends laid) has won the girl over. A strange friendship has formed.
Last Name: Lesnick
Age: 37
Hometown: Austin
Current Residence: Minneapolis
Occupation: Editor of Slipshine, Executive Producer at Shortpach Games
Likes: Burgers, beer, Kraken, pasta, pornos, animes
Dislikes: himself

Josh is really busy artist, cat-lover, and hamburger-eater. After having lived in Texas for about 99.9% of his life, he now resides in the midwest with another cool artist named Diana. In the past, he has achieved very mild success with webcomics such as Wendy and Girly, and that was a nice bit of fun. Now he dabbles in many things such as publishing and game-making... but will always be doing webcomics, as they're required to keep him functioning from day to day.

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